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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Reply to Cockburn


This is a belated response to Alexander Cockburn’s article on global warming on the Counterpunch website on April 29, 2007.

I am deeply concerned that Cockburn has seen fit to pollute the website with what can best be described as intellectual flatulence. I am also upset that Jeffrey St.Clair has not seen fit to respond (so much for his environmental credentials!).

Apparently you are all unaware of how much damage this has done to Counterpunch’s credibility. Cockburn wears his ignorance, bias, and hubris on his sleeve as he mocks the scientific consensus and, with foolish certitude, promotes the opinions of some PhD con-artist who flattered his contrarian conceits on a Nation cruise.

There is a certain irony here. Cockburn now is imitating the 911 conspiracy wing-nuts that he has (correctly) ridiculed. They have their PhD’s (Dr. David Ray Griffin, Dr. Judy D. Wood, etc.), and Cockburn has his (Dr. Martin Hertzberg, Dr. Dixie Lee Ray (may she rest in peace), etc.). Let us not forget Lyndon La Rouche, Cockburn’s fellow global warming skeptic. Did I forget to mention Rush Limbaugh (etc), Exxon-Mobil (etc), and the Bush administration? Birds of a feather?

I have not directly addressed the evidence concerning the anthropogenic impact on global warming because I don’t see the point. The information is readily available to those interested, however, Cockburn’s mind is made up and not subject to change. Set in concrete. Just like the 911 wing-nuts.

Silver lining? Perhaps the pleasure that Alan Dershowitz and Christopher Hitchens must surely feel in seeing Cockburn make a world class fool of himself.