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Wednesday, December 09, 2009


It has been remarked that the American-Israeli Political Action Committee (AIPAC) should be registered as an agent of a foreign government. No doubt it should (but won’t). I submit that by any reasonable criteria, the Democratic Party should also be registered as an agent of Israel. With over 60% of its campaign funding coming from Zionist dominated organized American Jewry, the party is a bought and paid for organization of Zionist Jews. Go against Israel and the money and other support dries up, hence, the Democrats are such staunch supporters of Israel as to be an obstacle to peace in the Middle East, not to mention justice for the Palestinians.

In spite of this rather obvious situation, many so-called progressives, led by Jewish liberals, continue to be staunch supporters of the party in election after election, only to be “disappointed” time and time again, and then complain about a lack of “backbone” by the Democrats, or other such nonsense. As with big labor or phony progressive organizations like, the role of the Democratic Party is to diffuse and control progressive action. That is why these organizations oppose only Republican neo-liberalism and warmongering, but support or acquiesce to Democratic neo-liberalism and warmongering.

Once upon a time, during the Roosevelt administration, the Democratic Party could be described as somewhat progressive, and supportive of the welfare of its electoral base. So could the labor unions for that matter. Following World War II, however, both labor and the Democrats have moved to the right, and now represent right-wing militarism and neo-liberalism, usually camouflaged by progressive rhetoric. This is a consequence of the post World War II attempt by business to roll back hard won progressive change, and by the Zionification of organized American Jewry. The economic success of American Jewry due to organized Zionist power-seeking has raised the Jews to be key members of the dominant elite, whose actions now reflect their new status. Additionally, support for Israel of necessity entails support for militarism. The “left” has morphed into the right, and in some ways is even worse. Nowadays, it is useful to think of the Democratic and Republican parties as two sides of the same corporate coin, a major difference being that the Democrat’s Jewish/Zionist roots run strong and deep.